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Once your EverLights permanent holiday LED lighting system is installed correctly they are virtually invisible during the daylight hours, while extremely dramatic at night time.


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Easy to Use

Power at Your Fingertips

Brighten up the neighborhood with rainbow-colored, app-controlled holiday lights. Get creative with complete customization of your next light display, managed with the touch of a button on your mobile app.

A Better Control Box

The functionality allows you to control your light creations from your mobile app and Control Box. Controling each individual light with your customizable sequence builder.

Permanent Christmas Lights

Complete Mobile Control

Installed conveniently in your garage and connects to your home wi-fi network. Preview all your patterns live as you build them. Changes are instant.


Calendar Scheduling

Pre-Program all your sequences into your calendar. Even setup multiple patterns for any calendar date or event. Holiday patterns auto activate at dusk and dawn.


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