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As a CCULEDS customer you have an added layer of support for EverLights materials and service through our Online Store @ diyLEDstore.com   Where every order is placed directly into EverLights Ordering Portal on your behalf, and shipped directly to you from EverLights.

Since EverLights are designed for the DIY market, they do an awesome job selling direct to the public through their website @ MyEverLights.com


General FAQs

Can I use EverLights year round?

Absolutely! We have customers using our lights for birthdays, family gatherings, game nights, welcome home, and parties of all kinds. With our endless color options you can make any event special. Get a quote now!

Can I set timers & events?

Yes! You can easily create calendar events in the Color Changing EverLights app. For Classic White the answer is still Yes. Just plug main power into a smart outlet, home automation plugin, or even a mechanical timers.

Can I do warm / soft white with my Color Changing LEDs?

Yes! You can create almost any color using the color wheel. You can color match the warmth of your existing exterior lighting. Plus the app has a dimmer built in. Check them out!

What is EverLights return policy?

Unused material can be returned but is subject to a restocking fee of 20%. This fee covers all testing and repackaging required for us to certify the product is good as new. Un-used lengths of lights must be in 25 foot increments to be eligible for return.

How do you ship EverLights product?

Orders received by 3:00 PM MST generally go out same day with channel orders requiring additional lead time depending on current demand. We offer USPS Priority shipping and UPS Ground.

Where are orders shipped from?

Orders are boxed up and shipped out of our headquarters in Lindon, UT.

Where are the controller and power supplies installed?

Our network bridge plugs directly into an Ethernet port on your router. Power supplies are installed along the eaves at every 75ft of lights There is a small network bridge that plugs directly into an Ethernet port on your router. A small wireless receiver will be placed either in the garage or on the side of the garage to power and control your lights. You may need additional power boosters installed as well.

How much do EverLights cost?

All homes come in different sizes & depending on the linear footage of your roofline and the complexity of the install will start around $2000. Fill out the short form for a free estimate.

How long do EverLights last?

EverLights are rated for 50k hours of lighting! Which is equivalent to leaving them on 24/7  for seven years straight.

How many colors can EverLights do at a time?

EverLights is the most customizable system available, allowing users to design custom sequences of up to 250 unique color/brightness combinations at a time. In many cases this will allow the user to tell each individual light on the house what to do.

Are EverLights dimmable?

Yes! There is a dimming switch on the app.

How do I replace a part or get more parts?

EverLights can be cut and customized at any point as long as the power is unplugged. Lights and accessories can be found in our online shop. View or troubleshooting guide and installation instructions for step by step instructions on all system components.

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