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Our Story

Why I became a Independent EverLights Dealer/Installer

My Problem

We personally had our own experiences with having someone install permanent LED Christmas lights on our home. The way it was installed and product they used, left me extremely disappointed with the entire process.

Things like all the led lights facing downward instead of out. Mixing different light types and leaving wires visible everywhere in the soffits bugged me the more I looked at it all.

There had to be a better way.

In searching for a fix, I came across EverLights and decided to give them a try. Their simple DIY concept intrigued me.


Simple & Clean

The Solution

It turns out, I was extremely pleased with EverLights quality and how simple it was.

It didn’t take me very long to recognize, the more we shared our EverLights with friends and family, that not everyone wants to install themselves, but still want them. Especially after watching them work live for their first time. Seeing this need, I started Color Country LEDs (dba CCULEDS) for Installing EverLights Permanent Outdoor LED Lighting System as a Independent Dealer/Installer

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Because we’re better at hiding everything. See for yourself.

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